So you have an innovative new product or idea

but you are struggling with finance for your start-up business…

Maybe it’s not because you’re a start-up… Maybe it’s because you’re not prepared enough. Join our fast-growing group of entrepreneurs who are learning from our experts how to prepare a business plan and financial projections model correctly. We can assist you to get your business ready and make applications for Start-up finance with confidence.


We provide a proven platform for entrepreneurs and  start-ups to connect with mentors who can identify, assess and provide constructive feedback for your  guaranteed success

Being mentored is one of the most effective development opportunities you can ever ask for. Having the guidance, support, trust and encouragement from and experienced mentor in your corner gives your business the edge it requires over your competition.


of mentees can apply what they have learnt immediately in their lives and business


of Fortune 500 Companies use mentoring programs or hire mentors


of Executives agree that mentoring and coaching played a large role in their own success


of companies making use of a mentor or business coach see a substantial increase in bottom line

Connect With Your Mentor Online

Meeting with a Mentor is done through scheduled online Zoom sessions. You can also connect with us through WhatsApp Business Chat or a good old e-Mail 

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