If you have an existing business plan and financial projections you can forward the documents in MS Word and MS Excel format to us at info@bizco.co.za with "Business Plan Assessment" in the Subject Line.

Alternatively you can capture your Business Plan for assessment using the form below. We provide feedback during normal business hours Monday to Friday 09h00 - 16h00.

Should your business plan be a viable opportunity will we contact you to discuss a way forward to get the concept developed further and prepared for possible funding.

Please complete sections A - H.

Section A: Your Contact Information

Section B: Your Business Information

Section C: Executive Summary

- Provide a summary of your business concept here.
- What is the customer problem?
- What is your solution for the problem?

Section D: Company Summary

- Provide a summary of what your company is about.
- Describe the business address, facilities, offices, customer parking, security, etc.
- Provide details of your business history so far.
- What have you achieved or put in place?
- Who are the shareholders and what is their percentage shareholding?
- Who are the people in your management structures?
- What is their equity interest in this business?
- Do they have interests in other businesses?
- What are their experiences in business?
- What has your business achived so far?
- Give details about your plans for Employment Equity and Black Economic Empowerment.

Section E: Products and Services

- Describe each product or service in full.
- What is unique about each product or service?
- How does each product or service provide a solution to your customers' problem?
- Describe how your products or services are dofferent from the competition.
- Describe the production cost and selling price for each product.

Section F: Start-up Summary

- State briefly why your business requires start-up funding if any.
- List all assets which are required at start-up.
- List operational capital required at start-up including salaries.

Section G: Marketing Plan

- Who are your competitors? (List at least 5)
- How do you compare with the competitors when delivering a service or offering a product?
- Which competitor/s will be most affected by your entry into this industry?
- Discuss the level of competition within in the industry which you are operating in.
- What percentage of the market do you wish to capture at start-up?
- How will your customers know about your services and products?
- You should have a sales and marketing strategy for each product or service you intend selling. What is your strategy for each product or service?
- Describe your overall marketing strategy and your marketing and sales processes.
- SWOT Anaylysis: Provide an analysis of your company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
- PESTEL Analysis: Provide an analysis of the Political-, Economic-, Social-, Technological-, Environmental- and Legal factors which can affect your company.

Section H: Personnel Plan

- List all employees your business will require to operate optimally such as;
- Management
- Administration / Finance / Marketing / Sales
- Operations / Customer Service / Facilities Management / Distribution