BIZCO Business Consulting provides a wide variety of services that can add value to the achievement of the Constitutional Values and Principles governing public administration as espoused in section 195 of the Constitution, 1996. A synopsis of the services that BIZCO provides utilising years of experience and expertise in the respect fields is set out below:

A. Investigations

M&E Investigations

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an important mechanism to strengthen Executive (Ministerial) and Managerial Oversight. Through the application of M&E, programmes and projects are monitored and evaluated to measure the achievement of the specific goals and objectives for which they have been designed and activated. The resulting M&E reports provide detailed analysis of the areas in which a specific programme / project has achieved and / or failed and measures the impact of the programme / project in terms of its initial goals and objectives. It further provides recommendations on how implementation of projects / programmes can be enhanced and what organisational and structural changes are required. As such M&E reports can also be used for purposes of reviewing policy positions.

BIZCO has vast experience in monitoring and evaluation. Such investigations can be public service wide / province specific / department specific. Reports can be tailored made for the Executive, public service leadership or for Parliamentary and Provincial Legislature oversight.

Targeted Investigations

Forensic investigations or fact finding investigations can be conducted by BIZCO covering areas such as Human Resource Management / Service Delivery / Labour Relations / Supply Chain Management / Job evaluation / Ethics and Anti-Corruption. These investigations are designed to address a specific area of concern by the Executive or departmental management with a view to identify deficiencies and recommend corrective action. In many instances such investigations form the basis for further internal disciplinary procedures.

Once again reports will be tailor made for the target audience.

B. Report writing

Various departments struggle to finalise reports due to inadequate report writing skills. Departments are frequently faced with the dilemma of external consultants or staff not being able to convey findings and recommendations in a coherent and professional manner. Time delays with the publishing of reports consequently lead to embarrassment for the Executive and management echelon. BIZCO excels in the rewriting / editing / consolidation of reports of any nature.

C. Business Consulting / Training

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BIZCO provides consulting and training services to public service departments in the following areas:

Human Resource Management

BIZCO conducts investigations, assists with policy development and provides implementation assistance in the following areas of speciality:

  • Performance Management,
  • Human Resource Development,
  • Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Job Descriptions,
  • Job Evaluation,
  • Recruitment,
  • Change Management; and
  • the Management of Diversity.

Training in the mentioned areas of speciality is also provided by BIZCO.

Labour Relations

BIZCO provides in depth knowledge and experience in assisting departments with the application of the grievance rules (process assistance and training) as well as with collective bargaining at departmental chamber level (providing independent chairpersonship, assisting departmental representatives in preparation for the bargaining process).

Supply Chain Management

BIZCO conducts forensic investigations into the supply chain management processes of departments (individual or multiple cases) and assists with the development and implementation of risk management systems to avoid abuse of the policy framework. Training is also provided to procurement officials to ensure compliance with national norms and standards.

Project Management

BIZCO supplements existing managerial resources in the development of project plans and the provisioning of project management services during actual project execution. In addition it provides project management training at varying levels of complexity according to the needs of departments.

D. Strategic Planning Facilitation and Reporting

BIZCO provides a comprehensive strategic planning facilitation service. This includes first and foremost a discussion with the Executive and senior management around strategic focussing and in depth departmental knowledge. Based on these discussions a framework is developed for the strategic planning process. The actual strategic planning session is then facilitated by BIZCO which provides a strategic focussed report to assist departments in compiling strategic plans to meet Public Service planning requirements and guide the compilation of operational plans. Training is also provided to senior managers in meeting the requirements of reporting in terms of the ENE and annual reporting.

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