A “Business Plan” is not solely used for the purposes of obtaining finance from a Financial Institution. The Business Plan is also referred to as your “Business Bible” which will guide you and keep you focused on your original business idea. This plan needs to be reviewed at least every 6 months and not less than once a year in order to ensure that you do not miss out on ideas you might have originally had. It also affords you the opportunity to make sure that you remain true to the original values of the business that you envisaged.¬†Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with your business and further enhance your idea(s).

Choose the plan that is right for you


From R4,950.00

Ideal for submission to a potential landlord for rental space or potential angel investor or to make applications for finance below R1-million.

Includes Financial Projections for 24 months / 2 Years, Cash Flow Statement, a Loan Amortisation Table, Interactive Graphs, Basic Financial Ratios, Basic Strategic Direction, Basic Personnel Plan, Basic Marketing Plan, Basic Sales Strategy, Basic SWOT Analysis and Basic PESTEL Analysis.


From R8,650.00

Includes Financial Projections for 60 months / 5 Years, Cash Flow Statement, Loan Amortisation Table, Interactive Graphs, Financial Ratios, Strategic Direction, Personnel Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Strategy, SWOT Analysis and PESTEL Analysis.

Strategic Comprehensive

From R15,650.00

Includes Financial Projections for 36 months / 3 Years, Cash Flow Statement, Loan Amortisation Table, Interactive Graphs, Financial Ratios, Comprehensive Strategic Direction, Personnel Plan, Comprehensive Marketing Plan, Comprehensive Sales Strategy, SWOT Analysis and PESTEL Analysis.

There are two types of Business Plans:

  • Internal Business Plan: Solely used as a business tool for management purposes to set out clear objectives for the business and to highlight future possible developments within the business.
  • External Business Plan: Used to raise finance, to value a business for sale or purchase, to find or retain a business partner, or establish a strategic alliance with other businesses.

The Business Plan is a Management Tool irrespective of business size and serves four critical functions:

  1. It helps to clarify, focus and research the development of the business.
  2. It provides a framework for the business strategy to be undertaken in order for the business to develop.
  3. The document can be used as a basis for the discussion with third parties who have either a potential or an existing interest in the business such as shareholders, banks or other investors.
  4. It sets goals and objectives against which actual performance can be measured and reviewed.

If you are seeking outside support, such as finance from a bank or financial institution then this plan is probably your most important Sales Tool that you will ever produce.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your business and further enhance your idea, contact us

Recent Business Plans Completed or Consulting / Assistance Provided:

  • Spectacular Beauty Arts | Health and Beauty Industry | Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) Funding
  • Cape Town Restaurant Group | Hospitality Industry
  • Absolute Polo | Sports Industry
  • AB Analytical Laboratory | Mining Industry
  • Inward Ideas | Child Education
  • Lati Technologies | Technology Industry
  • SELA Transport Solutions | Logistics
  • MM Cleaning Services | Tender | Cleaning Services
  • Dongfeng Automobile Africa Co | Automotive Industry
  • Siyanda Bio Oil | Renewable Energy
  • EyaChesa Housing | Coaching & Mentoring | Building and Construction
  • Pleroma Shoes | Clothing and Textile
  • INT Africa | Tender | Information Technology
  • Multi Products | Manufacturing
  • Incredible Plant Hire | Building and Construction

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