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Securing investment backing for you Start-up Business

So, you have come up with a great idea for a new business.  You will need an investment or backer to make this a reality.  Well, congratulations you have come to the right place. You need a winning well-thought-out business plan!

Perhaps you manage your own business and want to expand your product or service offering. Perhaps you can manage it from your balance sheet or facilities from your existing bank, such as an overdraft or revolving loan, but you’d rather get an investor who can provide that extra serious support you need.  The potential investor will want to see that winning well-thought-out business plan

Maybe you are considering serious expansion of your business to international markets or investigate the acquisition of new expansion property.  For this, you will need equity investment.  You need a winning well-thought-out business plan.

Many investors will tell you they back people, not businesses and that might be true to a certain extent.  The people who will be operating a business, which a potential investor supports always matters, but more importantly the markets the business will be operating in and the nature of the competition is in our view more important.  Your business plan should focus on what you are attempting to achieve, how you will achieve and who will you be up against…

Remember a good business plan will not automatically guarantee investment, but it does give you an opportunity to present what you offer in a logical order.  If your business plan is good enough it will raise the correct questions and provide the correct answers a potential investor would want to see.

The fact that new businesses will fail within the first year is well known.  Nobody starts a business only for you to fail, so with rigorous planning and analysis by an experienced analyst, will you stand a good chance at success.

Bizco is well placed to be your guide in business planning and facilitating that all-important process to obtaining investment for your start-up or expanding business.

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