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Bizco Business ConsultingBizco Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd (herein referred to as BIZCO) has a set of terms and conditions that focus on creating project processes that are fair and reasonable to both the client and BIZCO, and which will aim to improve the project efficiency and the quality of BIZCO’S services rendered.

These terms and conditions will become legally binding on the client for any projects, where a Quotation and/or Pro-Forma invoice has been sent to the client, and related deposit/s paid by the client,  or a written “go ahead” is given on initiating any project in any form of written communication and/or correspondence by the client to BIZCO, including clicking on the “Accept Quote” button on PDF Quotes provided.

The client hereby acknowledges, consents, and confirms having read the contents of the below terms and conditions and understands the obligations and implications the terms and conditions have on the relevant parties. The client further confirms having read and understanding the points which include practical and operational constraints such as the availability of relevant/critical projects or financial information between the relevant parties.


The Client hereby acknowledges, accepts, and confirms understanding of the following:



BIZCO renders a professional service based on years of experience, knowledge, and our understanding of the business industry and will always strive to ensure that your Business Plans and/or Financial Projections model is prepared in such a manner that it gives the client the best possible chance of securing the desired outcome.  The client however needs to fully understand that his/her full support and co-operation is required throughout this process to ensure that we are in possession of all the required information and supporting documentation as accurately as possible.

The client does acknowledge and understand that as the owner of the business, he/she is ultimately responsible for all content provision requirements for any requested project/s.  It is therefore always in the client’s own interest to give the most accurate, helpful, and timely feedback possible.  BIZCO will endeavour to provide as much information as deemed required/acceptable in our experience per project.  If a client cannot email the required information or content to the applicable BIZCO consultant, then the client may make arrangements to hand-deliver or courier such documents/information at the client’s own expense.

Although BIZCO is hired to draft a Business Plan and Financial Projections on behalf of the client, does it remain the client’s responsibility to ensure that all information discussed in the Business Plan and Financial Projections model is accurate to the best of the client’s personal knowledge and industry experience.

BIZCO cannot and will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information sourced from outside sources, the internet, technical specialists, or any other desktop research.

BIZCO cannot and will not guarantee the client’s success in obtaining finance, applying for any open tenders, securing rental space, or attracting potential investors, or for any other purpose, the client wishes to use the drafted BIZCO document/s for.


One-on-one personal consultations/meetings or video meetings with clients are scheduled on a needs basis only or as stipulated in any quotation/s provided.  Per project, consultation fees are calculated on an hourly basis.  The hourly consultation fee is always communicated in person with the client or stipulated on any quotations issued, and prior to the commencement of any services rendered.


Project deadlines and turnaround times are strictly based on BIZCO availability as stipulated on the quotation provided.  Project deliverables are dependent on the availability of information, such as information already in BIZCO’s possession, desktop research, information requested from technical specialists, or directly from the client. If a client is unsure about specific deliverables, then the client must ask BIZCO to confirm its inclusion in the quotation as to avoid incorrect project scope assumptions.  It is duly noted that all indicated turnaround times are merely an estimation of project timelines.


BIZCO is not registered as a financial institution and does not offer financial services.  BIZCO does provide financial insight into the scope of the project to ensure that the proposed business opportunity is viable or feasible.  BIZCO and its representatives will provide insight and suggestions to the client on the basis of our understanding, experience, and knowledge to ensure that all reasonable items have been taken into consideration for the preparation of the Business Plan and Financial Projections.


All projects require a minimum 50% deposit to initiate any service request. Balance of payment is required strictly within 14 business days from the date of deposit, as stipulated on any accepted BIZCO quotation. The client is welcome to request proof or preview of any work done before the balance of payment is made.  No project documentation will be handed over to the client or transmitted electronically via electronic download or e-mail transmission unless full payment is received and cleared.


a) The client has 90 calendar days in which to provide relevant or critical information as requested by BIZCO. If the client fails to provide BIZCO with information within 90 calendar days then the draft project will be deemed complete and no further action taken.  If a client becomes aware that it will be impossible to provide information within 90 calendar days, then he/she must notify BIZCO in writing of the circumstances.  BIZCO will provide the client with a certain grace period to provide the required information.  The grace period is solely at the discretion of BIZCO and will be communicated with the client in writing.

b) The client has 90 calendar days in which to request changes/minor updates to any first (1st) or second (2nd) draft documents received in person or via any download or e-mail transmission. If the client does not provide any written feedback within 90 calendar days of the last change request, causing the project to stall in any way whatsoever, then BIZCO will mark the project as completed and the project will be removed from the active project list.


a) If a client chooses to cancel the project within the 5 (five) days cooling period, given BIZCO has not started with the project, then an admin fee of R4,500.00 (four thousand five hundred Rand) will be deducted from any monies received and the balance of the confirmed deposit will be refunded to the client within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

b) If a client chooses to cancel the project after the 5 (five) days cooling period, given BIZCO has not started with the project, then an admin fee of R4,500.00 (four thousand five hundred Rand) will be deducted from any monies received and the balance of the confirmed deposit will be refunded to the client within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

c) If a client chooses to cancel the project after BIZCO has sent any initial draft project business plan to the client, then 100% of the total invoice/quote amount will apply as a cancellation penalty.

d) If a client wishes to re-active any project, then a re-activation fee, subject to a new quote may be required.

In all project cancellations, all project versions or revisions will remain the property of BIZCO. Any copy, distribution, or use of any of the canceled project assets will constitute a violation of ownership, and BIZCO reserves the right to take any legal action against the client for any damages suffered in any form whatsoever.

The client understands and accepts that BIZCO may update the above-mentioned terms and conditions as business requires without notice.


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