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Excel Dashboards
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Even the Experts sometimes find it difficult to create informative Dashboards, Visualizations and Charts in Excel which is probably the most used single piece of software on the planet.  The ease of use and flexibility of Excel cannot be stated enough and if you are not using it in your business to keep track of daily activities or management reporting… well then you should.

Excel’s Powerful Analytical Capability, Ease of Distribution, Ease of Use and Learning, the multitude ways to Easily Identify and Fix Errors and Superb Magazine Quality Reports are just some of the benefits of using Excel for Reporting or Visualization.

Excel Dashboards can be used in management meetings, presentations, reports, business plans, financial projections and many more. Let us assist you today to create awesome looking reports which are sure ways to impress your managers, colleagues, partners, potential investors or financiers.

Theme Colors

Dashboard themes and colors can be tailored to tie in with your current Company theme or Logo.

If you require assistance with Dashboards, Visualization of your company data, Charts to add to a report, presentation or business plan then please complete the form below.  We can also assist with interactive information for your business plan, financial projections, investor pitch decks or PowerPoint presentations.

Contact Us | t. 086 123 7775 | e. info@bizco.co.za