About Bizco Business Consulting

We are a South African Enterprise Development Firm for the existing business markets, as well as start-up entrepreneurs and SMME. Our aim is to create and develop successful entrepreneurs. We focus on unlocking and improving your Business Leadership, Strategy, Human Resources, Operations and ultimately Finances.

Our affordable consulting services include but are not limited to Business and Management Consulting, Tender Assistance and Administration, Corporate and Individual Training Programmes, Human Resources Consulting, Information Technology Consulting, Internet and Technology Development.

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Mistakes can be very costly!

Operating a business successfully can be one of the hardest things any person can be tasked to do. Most entrepreneurs do not have the required management background or education and end up learning the hard way by “Trial and Error” from the “University of Life” and that can be a very costly experience. Some large companies and business plan consultants can be very costly, financial institutions such as the banks will not assist you unless you provide 100% security and the government only assists a select few. This is not what you want as an entrepreneur.

Challenges that entrepreneurs face today are:

  • Mentoring and Coaching.
  • Business Planning.
  • Access to funding to grow your business.
  • The high cost of information technology and associated hardware.
  • Marketing and attracting buying customers.
  • Maintaining a healthy cash flow.
  • Sourcing reliable employees.
  • The cost of training.
  • Information overload due to a lack of suitable staff.
  • Complying with labour laws.
  • Complying with the various business legislation.
  • Many more…

We provide services to the start-up entrepreneur as well as any business owner whom has been in business for a very long time. Bizco Business Consulting can provide you with all the support you require to make the correct decisions at the right time from one affordable location.

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