9 Steps to Writing an E-commerce Business Plan

9 Steps to Writing an E-commerce Business Plan

More and more people are using online shopping or e-commerce for their daily, weekly, monthly purchases than ever before and 2017 will be no different as we are expecting the trend in South Africa to be on the up.  Retailers and small business owners need to fully embrace digital commerce in order to grow as stores and businesses without a well designed online presence will simply disappear or fall behind.  The consumer of today owns several smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and other electronic smart devices to make their online experience and purchasing decisions easier.  If your small business does not cater for the consumer of today you are loosing out on valuable business revenue.

Trends for 2017

Chat Bots – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more recently Google Allo have all started introducing integrated bots to help with shopping, booking and customer service. The first of our e-commerce trends sees consumers beginning to get familiar with talking to machines.

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence has now reached a level where it is useful to many people’s daily lives. The rise of digital assistants, such as Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, and Google Assistant (Google Home) has everybody used to talking to machines.

Mobile – During 2016 mobile traffic overtook desktop on the web. Google is also working on a mobile-first web index. These changes mean that it is more important than ever to make the mobile experience as good as possible. Increasingly that means putting mobile first, rather than simply optimizing for mobile.

Mobile Payment and Loyalty Apps – Mobile payments are on the rise as smartphone users get used to the magic of contactless payments. The success of these sort of apps, and the need to deliver personalization (see below) will help to make loyalty and payment apps increasingly common.

Personalization and Customization – The amount of data available increasingly allows content, ads, and products to be shown to the right people at the right time, across the web and social networks. The continuing sophistication of customization will be an e-commerce trend in 2017.

Increasing Same Day Delivery – Drone delivery might still just be a dream, but 2017 should see the rise of local drop-off points for online orders and same-day delivery in international markets. South Africa might not see this trend for many years to come but same day delivery will be one of the major e-commerce trends of 2017.

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