Case Studies – 2016

Black Capital Group – Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Consulting

BCG is a newly formed project which deals with the development, manufacturing and testing of components for an Overhead Weapons System (OWS) and other military related equipment, which is exclusively used in military conditions by the South African Army, National Defence Force, SA Air Force and SA Navy.  Other country’s military forces will also be able to utilize the same technology (ZAR3-billion).

Cullinan Diamond Mines – Proposal for New Business

Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme aimed at developing a database of qualified suppliers to the mine (ZAR1.8-million).

Attorneys Firm – Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Consulting

Existing firm of attorneys wanting to venture into Debt Collections.  Research was conducted, a business plan developed and successfully submitted to the National Health Regulating Council for placement on their national database.  This resulted in the client receiving large volumes of business from medical practitioners with large outstanding debtors accounts (ZAR10-million+).

Construction Firm – Feasibility Study and Consulting

Existing client who developed their own formula for ready-mix concrete which is widely used in various construction activities across South Africa.  The client set up a production process for their ready-mix concrete and started supplying various retailers such as Builders Warehouse and DIY Builders Warehouses across the country (ZAR100-million+).

Advertising Firm – Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Consulting

This client had a specific requirement for a business plan to be submitted to the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) as well as Multichoice to provide specific content to be aired during their infomercial time-slots.  The client was awarded various contracts to supply and manage on-air advertising and animated content (ZAR10-million).

Ambulance Services – Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Consulting

The client had been working for an Ambulance Service as a Contact Centre Operator for a while and wished to start his own ambulance service.  The clients’ application was submitted to the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) and the business fully financed.  This included the purchase of 5 fully equipped ambulances (Toyota Hi-Ace) and a support vehicle (VW Golf TDi).  The client now renders ambulance services to various clinics and hospitals transporting patients between destinations and is paid by the patient’s medical aid or directly by a patient without medical aid (ZAR4-million).

Green Energy Distributor – Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Project Management

The client applied for and was awarded a contract (tender) to supply a Government Department with solar panels which were to be installed on RDP Housing (Low Cost Housing) for ZAR500-million.  The client approached Bizco to assess the viability of the venture, secure funding and implement processes to manage the installation process.  Bizco Business Consulting was appointed to Project Manage the entire process from start to finish and the project will reach completion by 2020 (ZAR500-million).

Case Studies – 2015

Bidvest Group – Business Plan

An existing client who requested the implementation of a National Certificate Programme (Training) due to start in 2015 with 150 permanent employees which included various NQF Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 Certificates as part of their ongoing employee skills development programmes (ZAR1-million).

Private School – Business Plan and Consulting

Establishment of a new private school in the Johannesburg area starting during 2015 with 60 learners aged 6 – 12 with an expansion of the school during 2016/2017 to 150-200 learners (ZAR2.5-million).